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Colege football playoff

Posted on: December 22, 2008 10:55 pm
Edited on: December 22, 2008 10:57 pm

Since everybody has put in a playoff system i thought i would invent one. This playoff system is an 16 team playoff with the top 16 teams going in it using the bcs standings. since the bcs cronies say that the season is to long then limit the teams to one bye week which means that the regular season would end on November 22nd this year with the confrence title games being on the 29th however all confrences must have a title game to make even yes sun belt that includes you. The first two rounds are at the higher seeds home stadium with the semi-finals and finals being at 3 of the 4 current bcs sites while they rotate with one sitting out every year that one will host one of the bowl games out side of the top 16. To add money for schools all those who are not playing in the semi-Finals have the option of playing in the regularly scheduled bowl games which will be held between the semi finals and finals ok so this is how the schedule would go with the teams who id think would win the matchups.

Dec 6
#1 Oklahoma vs. # 16 BYU (@ Oklahoma)
#2 Flordia Vs. #15 Georgia (@ Flordia)
#3 Texas Vs. # 14 Georgia Tech ( @ Texas)
#4 Alabama vs #13 Oaklahoma State (@ Alabama)
#5 USC vs. # 12 Cincinnati (@ USC)
#6 Utah vs. #11 TCU (@ Utah)
#7 Texas Tech vs. # 10 Ohio State (@ Texas Tech)
#8 Penn State Vs. #9 Bosie State ( @ Penn State)

the teams would then be put in the second round highest seed against lowest seed as opposed to the ncaa basketball tournament where they have pre set second round seed matches even when th elower seed wins.

Dec 13

#1 Oklahoma Vs. #8 Penn state (@ Oklahoma)
#2 Flordia Vs. #7 Texas Tech (@ Flordia
#3 Texas Vs. #6 Utah (@ Texas)
#4 Alabama Vs. #5 USC (@ Alabama)

After the first rounds the games would go to the bcs sites minus one of them for this one i took away the Orange Bowl because i despise Pro Player Stadium or whatever they call it now.

Dec 20th

#1 Oaklahoma vs. #4 Alabama (@ the fiesta Bowl)
#2 Flordia Vs. # 3 Texas ( @ the Sugar Bowl)

the National Championship game will be scheduled January 8th to let all the bowl games go by. So with the bowl schedule the loss of one bcs bowl game because of th enational championship that means that 2 teams will have to be booted out to make room for 4 Ohio State, Penn State, USC, And utah since two of these teams Utah and Usc (since they are the higest ranked) will play in the orange bowl which got left out of the semi finals finals rotation. To make room 2 bcs confrence schools with a 6-6 record will go so Notre Dame and North Carolina State. So that means that Penn State will be playing Hawai'i in the Hawi'i Bowl and Ohio State will be playing Rutgers in th Bowl then th eBowls would go as scheduled normally.

national championship game Jan 8th
#1 Oklahoma Vs. Flordia (@ Rose Bowl)

So that is my playoff idea what do you guys think of it. As you can see all the bowl games get played and the season ends no later then it usually does to please everyone.


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